About Liftable Media’s Film Division

Liftable Media’s brand new film division specializes in coming alongside filmmakers, distributors, and production companies on projects in a variety of capacities. We have distributed feature films, produced TV shows and handled marketing campaigns on numerous projects. We can assist with production, distribution, as well as connect filmmakers directly to their specific audience using advanced world class analytics and A.S.M. (Audience Specific Marketing).

We own 5 large websites and have a monthly reach of over 40 million like minded customers, over 100 highly followed Facebook pages, and an e-commerce site. One of our web-sites, (WesternJournal.com) was recently awarded one of the *Top 20 Most Engaged Pages On Facebook in front of huge companies such as ABCNews, NYPost, Breitbart, etc. We have a vast amount of experience in distribution, marketing, and production.

Liftable Media Filmography

‘Death of a Nation’ D’Souza Films (2018)
Theatrical/DVD Release

‘Gosnell’ Hat Tip Films (2018)
Theatrical Release/A.S.M.

‘Trump @War’ Victory Films (2018)
Online Premiere/Release

‘Alien Intrusion’ Fan Force Films (2018)
To learn more about what we do, visit our Audience Specific Marketing page to see examples, results, and descriptions about what the process looks like.

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