Our Story

From 2014 to today Liftable Media has grown from nothing to one of the Top 50 largest digital media networks in the country. Founded by CEO Patrick Brown, and now carried on by an incredible team of over 70 individuals, Liftable Media is seeking to make a positive impact through media of all forms. The progress and achievement that mark these past two years is credited to the company’s hard work and passion for creativity, respect for their users, and a mission to drive positive cultural change. So how did Liftable Media grow to become the publishing giant that it is today?

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Liftable Media Inc. is a group of leaders and influencers all striving for excellence. Our goal is to be a media company that excels in our field, to produce quality content promoting truth, to care about our readers and put their interests first, and above all to drive positive culture change. It may sound like we have a lot on our plate, but we understand that lofty goals and hard work come hand in hand. That is why Liftable Media is a community of passionate individuals who are dedicated to promoting change in America, so working hard in the pursuit of our mission is a reward in and of itself.

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